Often referred to as the Fantastic Five, our team at Hill-Boles consists of the best, Carefully selected from the rest. we've been trained to solve the toughest automotive problems - no job is too big or too small.


Meet Bart

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Bart is the team leader and manager at Hill-Boles.  Some say his warm smile has medical healing powers, but for him, it's just his way to show that he's glad that you came.

A veteran of the business, Bart has been with Hill-Boles since 1988. He's an expert in all things under the hood and hasn't faced a problem that he hasn't been able to solve.  

Meet Mike


Mike is a diagnostics and electronics engineering technician, and specializes in all things digital.  An industry professional for over 25 years, Mike believes there isn't a higher order than a clean wire job. He also specializes in emission repairs, air conditioning and heating.  

If he isn't plugging, pulling, or splicing, you can find him reading the latest wiring diagrams in the lunch room. 


Meet Roger


The veteran of the group, Roger has been in the industry for over 35 years  (that's probably older than your car). Brakes, steering, exhaust, and suspension are just the beginning of his list of expertise.

Whether you want your car to stop or steer straight, Roger is the go-to mechanic to get the job done right. 

Meet Cam


Once a successful hair model, Cam has since taken on the call of duty to get cars running the best that they possibly can. Specializing in scheduled maintenance services, tune ups, and ABS traction control, Cam is a whiz when it comes to getting your car running smoothly.